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Bookmarks Manager's functionality can shape all of your browser usage experience. Thus, 'TabIt - BookMarks' will make your Google Chrome even more convenient.

It takes the default manager's features and improves them with attention to users' preferences and feedback, as well, as extends them with original solutions.

You can have some folder to be the default(Home Folder) for you to open and save bookmarks to.

There are four options for bookmarks' thumbnails: Default, None, Captured & Branded. Benefits of the 'branded' thumbnails are best revealed, when used in a 'Home Folder'.

Three different layouts are available: Grid(of thumbnails), List & NarrowList(similar to the one in Chrome 62).

Sorting can be done in either: Old-to-New, New-to-Old or Alphabetic order + Put-Folders-First option.

Available keyboard keys and ShortCuts are intuitive.

ONE MORE THING: There is a browser-action dialog window, meant to replace traditional 'star' button with an extension-button to create bookmarks. You can understand its functionality from illustrations below, but it's better to give it a try!

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NOTE: This extension has once migrated from another one, that had Bookmarks Manager as a Module, and today goes by the name TabIt - NewTab. Ever since, they have been developing separately. However, when both of them are installed, they will synchronise, in terms of bookmarks editing and thumbnails preparation.

TabIt - NewTab:

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+ Search bar(engine)
+ Own server-side thumbnails preparation service
+ Drag&Drop to the TabIt - NewTab
+ Drag&Drop to the BookmarksTree in a SideBar
+ ContextMenu for the SideBar
+ Fixation for custom width of the SideBar
+ Availability of offline versions of bookmarked pages and files
+ Better smoothness by animation
+ Dark theme
+ Other prettification :)
+ Your suggestions?

Please, see detailed information about this extension here:

Last updated 4 Jan 2019

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