Developer description

Kalyan Studio apps are know for their award winning apps for Indian Classical music.

After years of market research and development, Kalyan Studio Apps bring you
Tabla Studio, a groundbreaking app which the world of Classical Indian musicians have been waiting for.

Tabla Studio is the world's first mobile application to introduce real tabla loops and swarmandal. The tabla loops are authenticate in sound, and give the impression that a seasoned tabla artist is sitting right there next to you during your riaz.

Together with an intuitive development team and highly-acclaimed musicians, Tabla Studio changes the game in Tabla applications.

Tabla Studio has 24 different Teka which are recorded across 8 different Keys. Distinguishable to all Kalyan Studio Apps, Tabla studio has a user-friendly interface, which allows for easy manoeuvring between a vast range of scales, tempo, genres and beat variations.

Tabla Studio’s beats transcend many genres and has a wide range of teka including the vibrancy of Punjabi Keherwa, the spiritual sounds of Devotional Bhajan, the flair of Rajasthani Folk and soulful harmony of Classical Teentaal.

Whether you are a student, professional, or a seasoned artist, Tabla Studio is ideal for vocalists and instrumentalists of all levels and ages.

Last updated 2 Mar 2020