Developer description

Reduce Chrome memory usage, get a bird’s eye view of all of your Chrome tabs and get rid of tab clutter with one click.

If you used to use too many tabs open in your Chrome browser then Tabr is what you need. It’s a must-have extension for any Chrome user accustomed to work with many tabs and suffering from computer lagging due to Chrome memory usage. With Tabr, you can get a bird’s eye view of all of your Chrome tabs in all windows in a sleek interface, manage and open them with a single click.

Key Features:
- Free up RAM;
- View all your open Chrome tabs from all windows in one observer with big, beautiful thumbnails;
- Suspend Chrome tabs and sessions and view them in archive for later access;
- Single Tab Suspension: suspend any tabs instead of a whole browsing session;
- Auto-Suspending for Tabs: set a custom duration for Tabr to automatically suspend idle Chrome tabs that take up precious memory;
- Rearrange, rename, open and delete Chrome tabs directly from within Tabr.

Manage your Chrome tabs like never before! Save up memory and increase your productivity. Take care of your computer’s performance by keeping unused pages in one tab, reopening them whenever necessary. See you tabs all at once, with thumbnails, just like in Apple’s Safari browser.

Tabr is optimized for Vivaldi and Yandex.Browser.

Last updated 13 Dec 2015

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