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Published 17 Aug 2018

For an astonishingly large amount of people, the end of each year signals the annual commitment to create New Year resolutions. It's not a new thing. The Babylonians probably started it way back when as they made promises to their gods at the beginning of each year to return any borrowed items and pay off their debts. These days, resolutions have been redefined as goals. Rather than returning borrowed items and paying off debts, it's now all about building good habits and putting things into practice that can improve our everyday lives. Some will want to stop smoking while others will want to be healthier and lose weight. Others will have loftier goals.

Of the myriad of people who set goals for themselves it's reckoned that about a third falter because the goals they set are unrealistic. However, the vast majority come a cropper because they either conveniently forget all about them or they fail to keep track of their progress. And that's where this new goal management app for iOS comes in handy. Tackler helps you create goals, build good habits - as well as breaking bad ones -and track your progress over a period of time. You never know, it really could change the way you live. 

Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, improve your monetary situation, give up drinking alcohol or cut down on your smoking habit, Tackler is the all-in-one app that can help fulfil those goals whilst tracking your...