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Tag-Check is a new approach to getting product / service / event / performance feedback to you, ... More

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Published 25 Jan 2013

I'm convinced that when people realize the benefits of using the QR code concept, this 'barcode for ideas' will take over the world. Tag-Check is yet another innovative use of the QR code that functions as immediate feedback for pretty well anything you want an opinion on. In Tag-Check's case, it's a free performance feedback application that gives you an immediate response to a simple question to do with your business or event. Whether the response is from your co-workers about the meeting they just attended or customers attending a free tasting of your latest wine, Tag-Check lets them give you instant feedback via their smartphone so you can track, react and change something if necessary.
They say that for everyone who comments to you about a service you offer or an event they have attended, six others simply tell their friends. If its a positive endorsement then you are laughing but if it's not so good you have a problem - out of seven people one has a problem with you and the other six have just been delivered a bad review of what you provide. What's more, you only know about the one who commented. Feedback is an essential thing to a business whether you are a single operator or a huge conglomerate but one of the hardest things to do is to get people to respond so you know where you stand. Tag-Check offers a new approach to getting your product, service...