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Published 30 Sep 2012

There has not been a huge amount of new innovation in newspapers for quite a few years unless you count their shrinking sizes and circulation. However, there is one new trick that you might have noticed recently. Have you seen those little tags attached to stories or pictures in your newspaper or magazine that are interactive? When you scan them with your smartphone you are taken to other related links and multimedia content that explains the story more. Taggstar is a new social publishing and sharing application that turns your two dimensional web page into a third dimension multimedia platform with those same hot tags. Yet another innovative piece of cool technology to keep your viewers and potential customers coming back while you explain your story.
Taggstar lets publishers add layers of content to their online images making them interactive and shareable. If you see something you like in a photo (like a pair of killer heels, a beautiful beach or just a kitchen table), you should be able to click it, explore it, find out where to buy it, watch videos relating to it, rate it, tell your friends about it and generally interact with it. And with photos and images often being the most eye-catching piece of real estate on your page Taggstar provides publishers with the platform to build compelling stories around their online images. Bring your images to life and layer them with related links and multimedia content and encourage readers to engage more deeply with the visual content on a page. When a publisher adds a ‘tag’ to an image, a hotspot appears in the desired position which readers can touch or hover over to reveal the relating link or piece of content. The Taggstar platform lets publishers embed relevant images, articles or web pages with relevant video and audio content along with written comments and ideas. It also encourages the social sharing of images so when a publisher has Taggstar-enabled its website, the toolbar becomes visible at the bottom of all images within the site, offering social share icons for platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Site visitors can choose to share images that they like (or even specific detail within an image) with their personal social networks, introducing a peer-to-peer influencer model, particularly when products and places are featured within an image.
People love new technology to help them interact the websites that they visit with figures of 40% engagement being bandied about according to current data. And while it can easily be used to 'pretty up' your website it is Taggstar's ability to turn pictures into purchases that offers most interest. Customers can shop products as they see them and hover over your images for more information. What's more, the detailed reporting suite means real-time valuable insight into how many people visit and who's looking at which images on your site. Taggstar is another of those wonderful free publishing apps that are perfect for small businesses to make their sites or blogs look just as impressive as the big boys.

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