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Published 23 Sep 2012

"Bye, bye email...hello TagMyDoc" goes the byline to this innovative and very useful file sharing app. TagMyDoc could well be the future of document sharing and takes online communication one step further into the 21st Century. While it's taking people a while to come to terms with QR Code technology - and many people I talk to still have no idea what those funny little square boxes are all about - when one wakes up to the idea that they are basically a bar code it's easy to see the possibilities. TapMyDoc is a free app that let's you place a QR Code on your correspondence so that everyone involved can use their smartphone to access it from the cloud whenever they want to and from wherever they are.
TagMyDoc’s file sharing web application merges the power of the cloud with the strength of the 2D tag or QR Code to provide a more flexible solution to document sharing than just email. It utilizes the ever-expanding usage of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to provide an augmented reality experience. TagMyDoc's patent pending application enables you to add a tag on any type of document including Word, Excel, PDF, Images, PowerPoint, Open office etcetera. When scanned, the QR tag takes the viewer instantly to a virtual copy of the document in their device. With TagMyDoc you can share a presentation or a folder with a colleague, a friend or the whole audience during a meeting, a lecture or a conference. Simply ask them to scan the QR tag and instantly download the virtual copy on to their devices. It’s simple, fast, reliable and eco-friendly as the paper trail stops here. Forget about printing documents in advance and making sure you have enough copies for a large audience or making last minute modifications on your presentation? With TagMyDoc’s unique service, readers can connect through documents by leaving comments and by adding other documents in their own account. This social feature will allow users to stay updated through a well-designed notifications system when comments and other activities are happening on their documents.
When people come to realize it, TagMyDoc's unique concept is going to revolutionize the way we communicate information. Never again will there be copious amounts of paper being brandished about because all your viewers will need will be a smartphone to immediately receive all your updated information at the touch of a finger and with a QR reader on their phone. And there's plenty of free QR reader apps available to download. TagMyDoc is the new black as far as I'm concerned and could well be as big a revolution in online communication that email and SMS were when introduced. Think of TagMyDoc as a barcode for documents.

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