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Published 6 Jan 2013

The hashtag hasn't exactly had a fair deal up of it up till now. I regularly see posts from friends saying how much they hate them. But my argument is that they haven't been used to their full potential and TAGtivate goes some way to proving my point. This social media aggregation application takes the hashtag to a new level to save time in your searching and instantly deliver the content you are looking for across many different platforms. The idea of this iOS device is to change the way we view our news and other online content through social interactions.
TAGtivate is a social news and content discovery platform that has been described as a modern version of Digg or Reddit. If either of them had launched this year they would probably have used the hashtag concept themselves in the same way that other social networks like  Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook use it these days. TAGtivate takes full advantage of the hashtag phenomena and allows users to follow, share and aggregate everything interesting throughout the entire web. This means you can save a lot of time and be far more efficient in your work. TAGtivate allows you to follow the topics you find interesting by taking advantage of the power of the hashtag and its simple to keep track of different topics by simply following the corresponding hashtags. The app helps you to stay up to date with the always evolving trends on the web. Follow any hashtags that you like, tag your favorites under those hash-tags and all the feeds will be delivered to you immediately. What TAGtivate has done is to take the socially driven hashtag and put it on a content recommendation site for organization.
TAGtivate takes the hashtag to its full potential by simply allowing you to slip # sign in front of any of your favorite content and have it searchable across any of your social networks. Then you can tag any categories you are interested in and all relevant content from all different platforms will stream straight into your TAGtivate home page. There is a vast amount of information being tossed in our direction from our various feeds and social networks and this excellent little organizational app puts everything together for you and concentrates on the stuff you are actually interested in. Given the lack of time we all seem to have these days, it's probably the way we will all go in the near future.

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