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Today, Apple, Inc. is one of the most successful and innovative companies in the electronic market. Since their release of the iPhone in 2007, their entire product line has significantly risen in popularity. Apple continues to update their product line annually with new and exciting technology that interests the majority of the consumer market. In effect, product revisions from Apple result in a mass amount of consumers trying to sell their devices, either to upgrade their existing electronics or to earn extra cash.
When selling their Apple product, customers face the issue of wasting valuable time accompanying the process. Most owners of Apple devices settle for a price that is too low because they are faced with scammers, endure costly online listing fees, or cannot find a buyer fast enough. Others simply throw away their devices as a quick solution.
In 2007, 205.5 million computers were disposed, with only 18% being recycled. Moreover, 140.3 million phones were trashed, with only 10% of those units being recycled. Because of these statistics, hazardous waste has driven the United States to spend millions of dollars to recover harmful elements within landfills to avoid harming the environment
To lessen the impact of these above issues, Take My Mac is a free service that will buy all Apple iPhones, Macs, iPods, and other Apple devices from consumers looking to sell or recycle their electronics immediately. Take My Mac eliminates the hassle of selling a new, used, or damaged iPhone, Mac, iPod, or other Apple device without worry. After the consumer is paid for selling their Apple product to us, we either safely recycle devices, provide devices to beneficial causes such as to schools or new aspiring startup businesses, or we seek out other sources that can benefit from these electronics. Absolutely no devices go to waste – and that is a green guarantee!
Why is it easier to sell or recycle your Apple device to Take My Mac?

You know we will buy it. You won’t have to wait days and weeks to sell your device. With Take My Mac, we give you the assurance that every Apple device is accepted and nobody is turned down.
It’s easy . The only thing required from you is to fill out our quote form and then ship your device free of charge to Take My Mac. The best part? You get paid for barely doing anything – so relax and pile up the cash.
It’s fast . Why wait for a buyer to come around? We’re ready to buy your device on the spot.
We’re friendly . You as a customer are the most important to us. We will serve you as friendly as possible to gain your trust and satisfaction.
We’re 100% eco friendly and green . No device goes to waste, even if it has no value. Here at Take My Mac, we don’t dump your electronics straight into landfills or smash them into minuscule pieces. We are 100% environmentally friendly and firmly believe in reusing and recycling electronics.
Again, we love to help. Products that can be reused and have value left are used for good causes, such as giving laptops and desktops to schools who require newer technologies to advance in today’s society, or giving gently used iPods to children for entertainment purposes. Some iPhones can be given to small aspiring startup companies to help jumpstart their business. Your electronics have a ton of possibilities – with your help, you can make great things happen.

Are you ready to sell or recycle your iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, or other Apple product? Get started at or join us on Facebook and Twitter.
Going greener has never been easier!

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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