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TalentLMS is a cloud-based, lean LMS with an emphasis on usability and easy course creation. ... More

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Published 11 Jan 2013

Things are changing for the  better for small business. In the past there has been a bit of a defeatist attitude from them when comparing their opportunities of bettering themselves and their workers against a larger organization. When it came to training staff, the argument has always been that it was too expensive and took up too much time so a more ad hoc approach was taken up. But if the small business person is canny, they can find everything they want as apps and quite often for little on no cost. TalentLMS is one such app that will be of great benefit. This cloud-based elearning app contains a powerful set of tools to create and reuse learning modules for workers putting the small business person on the same level playing ground as the big boys.
TalentLMS is a powerful yet streamlined learning management system aimed primarily at small business that has an emphasis on usability and easy course creation. In the past, small businesses have failed to get too involved with elearning and training for obvious reasons - a lack of time, resources and money being the big ones. There's the setup and maintenance as well as the physical act of course creation, not to mention the customer support to help you through the difficult times. Most tend to find it just too difficult and most training tends to be done loosely and on the fly. So, TalentLMS has come up with this stripped down but no less...