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You are in a company and bored? You are going to tell your child a story or a fairy tale but ... More

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Published 1 Aug 2012

There are so many kids and family games available as apps but so many of them are rather boring and one dimensional and fail to grab the attention after the first couple of days. TaleTeller is a different sort of game where, each time you play it, the game changes. This rather beautiful game for all the family (but especially kids) let's you make up and record original story lines for your stories that will change every time you pick it up - its all down to your imagination. This lovely interactive game lets you make up original stories, record and save them to your iOS and listen to or share them with your friends and children.
TaleTeller is a different type of game that your adventuresome children will love because it encourages you to tell them stories as well as inspiring them to create their own. And, if you are away from home and still want to tell your children a story then it is now possible to do it by creating one here and sending it to them. Whether you create whole stories or use TaleTeller to inspire you to make up stories of your own, this Retina Display ready application provides great fun and entertainment and is presented with a quite beautiful interface. So how do you create your stories? Just sign up and you can be creating immediately. Just select the elements that you want your story to feature and you are ready to go...