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A cost effective complete accountancy suite that's perfect for small business

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Talibro.com offers intuitive management of accounts receivable, accounts payables, expenses, ... More

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Published 21 Oct 2012

While this online accounting and billing application for small business has only just been released don't think for one second that it was knocked up overnight. In actual fact, Talibro has been a living, breathing entity and used in development in a small business dealing with retail including online sales and purchase for the last few years. This double entry accounting system manages everything from accounts receivable and payable to inventory and financial reports.
Talibro offers intuitive management of accounts receivable, accounts payables, expenses, inventory (FIFO and LIFO), general ledger, documents, customizable user roles , fully drill-down reports, universal search and integrates well with PayPal and USPS shipping labels. Talibro is an online, intuitive, double entry accounting system targeted at start-ups and small businesses for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, inventory and financial reports. It provides full control over any transaction, comprehensive reports with full drill-down capability, multi-user access as well as a very flexible user management system. The developers applied best practices and emphasized usability so it doesn't require any learning curve. Navigation and user interface is so intuitive that the app requires no user guide to operate the software in full swing regardless of whether you are an accounting professional or an inexperienced user.
It takes a warped mind to enjoy paperwork and accounts but, thankfully, Talibro manages to take the over the whole shebang by offering a complete accounting package for a cost effective price. Start off with the free basic plan and upgrade to the standard plan of twenty bucks per month.  Talibro delivers a very clean and precise interface that allows you to create and manage invoices, track your expenses, manage your inventory, accept online payments, calculate shipping rates and offers a complete document management service. Analyze with detailed reports and know that your information is secured with firewall protection and 256 bit encryption for your safety.

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