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Developer description is a social network where contributing to topics benefits causes (also known as a ... More

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Published 8 Mar 2012

Whilst social networks like Facebook and Twitter often promote charitable events one could hardly call them a social charity. Talkic, on the other hand, actively promotes itself as a social network where contributing to topics benefits causes. In real terms, that translates into Talkic donating US 1.1 cents to one of 20 Canadian charities every time you click on a topic when signed in.
Talkic is a social network where topics are friends and where by clicking or contributing to a topic you will indirectly be benefitting various causes. Just by contributing to topics Talkic donates 1.1 cents for every click you make to your choice of more than 20 Canadian, US or UK charities. The US and UK represent about two thirds of the money Talkic make from displaying ads on the site so it's only fair that some of your money is distributed there. Talkic is a nice social twist on the concept of clicking for a cause and adds a topical twist on the concept of following people on social networks. Unlike other social networks where you follow people and their interests, on Talkic you follow the talk on topics that interest you. Your "My Talkic“ page captures the feed of pictures, Talkic starters and new music (promoting unsigned musicians) on topics that interest you and the discussion stream of comments shared on those topics. Each topic also has its own “Talkic” page with both a feed and stream for that topic. Visitors...