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Download Talking Cat Despicable - Cars3 wash, Repair and try your hand working as car mechanic! Enter the bodyshop and workshop. Use various car repair tool to repair the broken parts and wash the car. There are so many cars that need your help. Auto services have never been such fun!

Parents, are you looking for activity for kids that are fun but educational? Do you want an app that gives your kids exciting time and also help your child development? We have created an excellent boys car game for you and your kids: Talking Cat Despicable - Cars3 wash, Repair. In this game, your boys can try their hand to fix my cars that need some repair and cleaning.

There are many steps to fox my car and they will be introduced to the various actions and tools necessary for auto service process. In the workshop and bodyshop, the kids have to drag the tools to the area that needs repair or perform some actions. By learning to be a car mechanic they will learn and practice many things: from fine motoric skill, precision, patience, and other skills necessary for your child development. Read more on why you should download our boys car repair game for your kids.


Your kids will have exciting time performing these tasks to fix my car, having fun and learning at the same time. They can learn about various parts in the car, the tools, and how the car works. From how to switch car tires, fill in gas tank, polishing mirrors, fixing broken wires, the A/C system, using hammer to fix the car body, and many more!

We take a long time designing this boys car game so they appeal to young kids. The graphic is carefully designed to be both cute, realistic, and easy to see. The last point is important because some parts of car are small and hidden. The bodyshop and workshop where the car repair takes place are also full of exciting and colorful things.
We also add realistic sounds to the game to make your kids feel they are really working as a car mechanic and fixing cars.

There are several cars that need repairs. Kids will enjoy working on different cars with different models and colors.
This Talking Cat Despicable - Cars3 wash, Repair Game is an activity for kids that is created for young children, even kids who have not learned how to read. We provide a simple tutorial by pointing out which tool to use at a time and the place where the tool should be used to fix my car.

Parents, if you want to help your child learn better, accompany them while they play and explain all the tools and aspects of the game to them. You can teach them various things such as why flat tires need to be changed, what are the name of the tools they use, why do we have to fill up gas tank, and so on.
So, if you are looking for an activity for kids that provide exciting time and boosting your child development, Talking Cat Despicable - Cars3 wash, Repair Game now!

Last updated 20 Jul 2017

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