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Remove the dumb comments from web discussions

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Published 23 Mar 2012

[cont'd] any webpage and comment on any particular news, products, blog posts or other webpages regardless of the platform. The difference between this and normal blocking is that here you don’t rank comments but people. Click the plus sign if you like the comments or the minus button if you don't - it's as simple as that. This increases or decreases the rating of the user and they become your 'guide.' That is the core principle of Talkino.
Talkino likes to call itself a social discussion network rather than just another discussion platform. It's a community for people who like to have an opinion on things and gets rid of those people who like to make dumb and uninformed comments on stories just because they can. I'm sure you know exactly what i mean. Whats more it links you with like minded individuals and helps you discover more interesting articles, join intelligent (or not so intelligent) discussions, people, websites and ideas. Then you can invite your friends and start to build a more thought provoking social commentary network than the one's around us at the moment. Well it's a nice idea, anyway. Talkino is easy and totally free to use. The world could be a better place with it never know.