Developer description

TalkMe helps you to link strangers within 100 meters of distance with anonymity and privacy.
Just tap on GoLive tab find your balloon and update your status or start comment on it.Find other users nearby on map or explore them using your camera. Tap on any other user balloon to start chatting with them.
In contacts tab you can find friends who are already using TalkMe.
In StartIM tab you can start chatting with existing friends from contact list.
In Notifications tab you can get notifications such as if someone commented on your status.
You can also access side menu on top left corner to explore places around on map and view there direct distance in camera.
You can mark points to Park your Car and see on its parked location balloon in camera.
TalkMe is a chat messenger application which allows you to create free shouts within 100 meters of your distance circle.
You can find new friends using our “GoLive” feature both on map and camera.
You can chat with strangers and also with existing friends using TalkMe.
You can view profiles of friends based on interests.
TalkMe will allow you to create Geo-tags for your marked locations to connect your camera with the Map.
You can now find destinations via map and direct routes to them with direction orientation of direct distance to required destinations, both on map and camera.

Last updated 24 Dec 2014