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Published 27 Dec 2013

[cont'd] to help you to discover more inspiring themes and ideas and lead you on to bigger and better things. It's a place where you can rekindle your imagination and join in with the 'Idea Revolution' because, if there is one thing the world always needs, its new ideas.
Its hard to imagine just how many great ideas never actually end up being developed just because there is no outlet for them. They will surface eventually, of course, but not necessarily by the person who came up with the idea first. Talkonomy came about for precisely this reason. The developers were sick of simply sharing their ideas amongst themselves or via a blog and realized that they weren't getting anywhere. So, they came up with this virtual 'think tank' to promote their ideas and discuss them with like-minded souls. Not only can you share your own thoughts but there is also the opportunity to see other folks ideas. Maybe if you merged the two you would be able to come up with something even better. Talkonomy is an attractive and easy to use app that takes you into the realm of a social network based on thoughts and ideas. Be part of it.