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Developer description

Tamagotchi critter control game is the perfect app that allows you just to have a rest and immerse yourself into the virtual reality! Don’t worry about the modern cruel world, which is full of lies and avarice, because you can always open this game and transfer yourself into the cosy and sweet virtual home with the prettiest and loveliest tamagotchi pet!
Just imagine – you don’t need to spend any money on this virtual pet, you don’t need to feed him or carry about him or go with him to a walk, because the only thing that this cute pet require is your love or even sympathy! Every time you open this app he’ll welcome you with the bride smile and be ready to gladden you!
Now in order to excite you more, we prepared very good present! So this time, instead of playing one game about one tamagotchi pet, you’ll be given a bright opportunity to play the whole team of three games! It’s wonderful! Just imagine – you download one game, but get three! So it’s very rare chance to catch such great luck by tail and you shouldn’t miss it!
So there’s tamagotchi pet game itself, where you’ll be responsible for sweet critter, control its life and do everything in order to comfort it! It’s very funny, because this critter is so nice and pretty, that you’ll not mention the amount of time you spent with him!

Last updated 22 May 2014