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Published 23 May 2018

There's been much talk lately about robots and computers taking over the job market in the not too distant future. Some experts believe that half of the jobs available today will be completely redundant by the year 2025. Whether it's self driving cars or carebots for the elderly there's little doubt that there will be less jobs going forward than were available to most of us when we started our work journeys some years back. But don't fear too much because, as Isaac Newton said so eloquently some years back - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

I tend to think that the 'reaction' will be a resurgence in individual skills and the rise of the freelancer. It could be that you are a good gardener or you can bake a great cake. Maybe you are a decent handyman (or handy woman if it comes to that) or have plumbing or electrical skills or know how to clean a house or an office pretty darned well. The thing is, people are much lazier than they've ever been these days and, if they can afford it, they'd much rather pay someone else to do a chore than do it themselves. So now all we need is some decent organisational skills to put things into motion. That's where an app like this one comes in very handy.

TapinTrades is a new app for Android and iOS that delivers a well organised outlet for the freelancer's skills and then takes it to the next level. As a potential customer who doesn't have the time or doesn't want the hassle of regularly walking the dogs or catering a party, this app provides a location-based map to find someone who'll do it for them for a price. You can set locations anywhere in the world and post a project that needs to be done to the industry that you need and then sort through any replies via a private message where prices and availability can be discussed. It can be something as simple as the aforementioned dog walking or something much more complicated and involved like a wedding with all its associated factors like marquee hire, cake making and chauffeuring.

Tradespeople are encouraged to promote themselves and maintain a social media presence in their local communities to help grow their business whether they are a team or a freelancer acting alone. Their profiles should represent their relevant skills, the prices they charge and examples of their work as well as reviews and ratings from previous customers. Maybe you are a retired but able bodied electrician, a retrenched office worker, a simple hobbyist or you just have a unique skill - it makes no difference. If you can do the job properly you can be part of the market. 

TapinTrades is a brilliant concept for turning the tide against a downturn in work for the common man or woman whilst providing a great service for the cashed up individual with little time or inclination to take on a task. It also gives a lifeline to the communities left behind by the rise in big business. The app doesn't apply tough rules and regulations for its users nor does it charge exorbitant fees to either side. The most popular pricing plan clocks in at under £2 per month. It just provides a conduit to put skilled tradespeople and freelancers into the vision of people who want to utilise those skills and gives those tradespeople the platform to advertise those skills in an ever changing world. There are lots of other features to this app that I haven't mentioned but you can find those out for yourself by downloading the app. Oh...and one other thing. For every user that signs up for the next 6 months the developers will be putting £30/$41 US/$52 CAD etc into their wallet to encourage new users to help promote themselves. TapinTrades is available for Android, iPhone and iPad from the relevant App Store for free right now. 

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