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Published 23 May 2018

[cont'd] common man or woman whilst providing a great service for the cashed up individual with little time or inclination to take on a task. It also gives a lifeline to the communities left behind by the rise in big business. The app doesn't apply tough rules and regulations for its users nor does it charge exorbitant fees to either side. The most popular pricing plan clocks in at under £2 per month. It just provides a conduit to put skilled tradespeople and freelancers into the vision of people who want to utilise those skills and gives those tradespeople the platform to advertise those skills in an ever changing world. There are lots of other features to this app that I haven't mentioned but you can find those out for yourself by downloading the app. Oh...and one other thing. For every user that signs up for the next 6 months the developers will be putting £30/$41 US/$52 CAD etc into their wallet to encourage new users to help promote themselves. TapinTrades is available for Android, iPhone and iPad from the relevant App Store for free right now.