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A new kind of social network that already has 4 million users

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Taptrip is a free social network app that lets you connect with international friends from more ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2015

If I told you that there was a social network out there that had over 4 million users across 250 countries and regions and you've never heard of it, my guess is that you'd be a little surprised. I certainly was when I first came across Taptrip. This free social network for Android connects you with new friends from all over the world via photo posting and chat. Thats all very well, but how does one get across the language barriers, you're probably asking? Well, Taptrip automatically translates your posts into any of 17different languages, enabling seamless communication with your new global friends.

Taptrip is a new kind of social network that connects you with new friends via their photographs. You can share your life and the things that you love with friendly faces from virtually every country around the world. The way to meet new people is to request a friendship based on their profile photo. When your friendship is accepted, you can enjoy translated foreign chat and find out all the interesting stuff about people from different countries with different cultures. When you post your own photo to the app you can customize it with cool filters and effects and, when you use the most recent update, you can even seal your new found global friendship by requesting them to take a 'double selfie' with you.

When you open the app you will see that photos are broken down into the different countries that they...