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Published 26 Nov 2015

[cont'd] come from. You can either search countries on the world map or search by their name and check out all the photos that are posted daily from people all around the world. You'll see posts from the many friends you have made and others you would like to befriend. If you love someone's post you can either use the chat button or the friend button to make contact. You can send messages directly along with photos, stickers or emojis with all chats free and translated automatically. You can also make use of the translated chat through the comment section of your photos.

Sadly, one of the things that has become very obvious over the last few years is that people around the world have become much more insular. While we watch the news every night, many of us seem to be more interested in what the weather is like or whether Kim has a bigger behind than Nicki rather than what's happening in Africa or Asia. Taptrip has a global news feature where you can read the news, post comments, discuss the situation you've just read about and befriend people who actually live in those places. You can also throw out a request to users who might share similar interests to you. For example, if you are a fan of food from another part of the world you can post a request for Central American or Asian food fans to contact you with great...