Developer description

The application world has yet to see something as unique as Tapxicon. Although there are many dictionary and English learning apps available, none deliver like Tapxicon; both in terms of content and use.

With the ease of browsing words anywhere on your phone, Tapxicon changes what was once a tiresome and boring task into an effortless review. Tapxicon is not just a portable dictionary, but a complete English companion. Learning the most widely used language on the planet has never been easier.

The app as of now consists of three parts:
1. Dictionary- includes results from the WordsAPI (more than just a definition) and the world-renowned Oxford English Dictionary.
2. Verb Conjugation- four subcategories of conjugation: indicative, subjunctive, conditional and imperative.
3. Part of Speech Tagger- input a sentence and find the part of speech for each word in that sentence.

With plans to add support for multiple languages, Tapxicon is destined to take the world by storm and become a global market leader in Education.

Last updated 14 Dec 2016

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