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An excellent and flexible free management app for individuals and teams near and far

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Published 9 Apr 2020

[cont'd] real time while chatting, texting and videoconferencing on the same page. Your team calendar ensures that all your tasks are completed on time and across multiple teams and workspaces while your roadmap helps you plan, organize, manage and visualise your projects. You'll be able to create beautiful task lists, notes and an unlimited number of outlines, instantly share and collaborate with others, invite and add family, friends or team members to workspaces and chat and work together in real-time. It features an easy 'one-tap' way of editing projects and you can tag them to organize and prioritize them. Projects can also be easily assigned to one or many team members. 

Taskade can be used by both individuals and/or teams and is perfect for home as well as at work (or anywhere else that takes your fancy, if it comes to that.) You can use it for writing up simple task lists or for mapping out school assignments and use all the features to collaborate with friends as well as fellow work team members. The automatic syncing feature means that your data is always up to date on your phone, tablet and computer. The app features a whole heap of useful templates in the 'example lists' section to set you on your way and they vary from the very simple to much more comprehensive work-oriented ones

This free app is brilliant for individuals as well as teams and is very easy to navigate. What's more...