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With taskify.us you can organize your tasks and get things done. Most other tools battle ... More

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Published 9 Aug 2014

The trouble with many 'to-do' applications nowadays is that they are geared either towards business use or designed purely for personal stuff. There's not that much around that covers all of your day-to-day activities. The other problem is that they are often packed with way too many features that you'll never use and are altogether too complicated. Taskify.us is a free, simple and effective organizer that lets you jot down all your daily events - from the moment you jump out of bed to the time you get back under the covers - and tick off your tasks when they have been completed.
With taskify.us you can organize your tasks and give yourself a much better chance of actually getting some things done. While most other applications are overloaded with tons of features, they often tend to forget that the object is to focus on making the app user-friendly and simple to use. Taskify.us decided to keep things simple. You wont have to worry about registration and the app is absolutely free. You can use it to organize your work or home projects, school homework or even to write out and manage your shopping lists - and do it with just one click. It will help you to focus on all the most important events of the day. Simply enter your topic in the form on the first page and you'll get a custom URL (such as www.taskify.us/xyz123) to manage the content of...