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Published 9 Aug 2014

[cont'd] your list.  After setting the task list, you can go on to add your tasks and due dates and even define who is responsible for specific tasks, if you like. When you open taskify.us, you'll see columns with  “To do,” “In progress,” and “Done” at the top. Simply drag and drop your tasks between columns or use the > button in a specific task. All you need to do is share your custom URL with the people that you want to see it. You can either send them the link by email or use one of the sharing options such as facebook, twitter or Google+ to invite them.
taskify.us succeeds mostly because of its flexibility and it's simplicity. It's an app that works well for business as well as for personal use and you can easily track all the important things to do while you are at home in the morning, at work during the day and even your entertainment at night. You'll never forget that important appointment again, nor will you forget that you need to pick up some chicken for dinner tonight. Remember though, everyone who has your URL link gets full use of the app and they can add new tasks, switch them between columns or even delete tasks. But as long as you don't share the link, nobody else can see your tasks. Taskify.us is an easy to use and very convenient...