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TaskPipes automates repetitive, manual and time-consuming data processing tasks. It is like IFTTT for data processing. People spend hours every single week cleaning, filtering, grouping, comparing and preparing data to produce regular reports and dashboard. Whether it is daily Facebook ad performance data or weekly real estate data sent in CSV format, making conclusions from raw data is tedious. What's worse, if you can't write VBA then you simply have to perform many of these tasks manually, which is super time-consuming. TaskPipes requires minimal technical ability - defining your process is as easy as putting together LEGO blocks.
How it works:
1. Users create a pipe and upload their raw data.
2. They then define individual steps through the user interface, like filtering, sorting, grouping and comparing against other data sets. By combining steps, users can create really powerful queries.
3. You can download the output in CSV format or dump it into a Google Spreadsheet. By pasting into a template spreadsheet, you can automatically update your dashboards or reports.
4. Any time you get new data, you can run the process again, or schedule it to run on a regular basis. The user interface of TaskPipes has been designed to allow even non-technical users to easily put together sophisticated queries on their raw data in minutes.

Last updated 15 Mar 2015

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