Developer description

Taskworld is a full-function management tool that is being used by thousands of users in 118 countries to manage their tasks and projects on a daily basis.

The online task and project management system is dedicated to aiding managers to collaborate with their teams by allowing them to create tasks and projects, add comments, upload documents, evaluate performance and provide feedback.

Using emails can be a real hassle for managers who want to implement accountability as relevant documents and tasks can often fall through the cracks.

Managers can now lighten their load as Taskworld allows them to delegate tasks directly so that the right person is set to accomplish the right task. They can also keep track of the changes to a task in one location so that everyone involved has the same information. Perhaps most importantly, managers can provide instant evaluation and feedback, so that their team members are immediately aware of their performance. This allows managers to establish the highest level of transparency in their organization.

Taskworld is available to users in the Starter, Pro and Enterprise versions. Each version contains features that cater to the needs of different users. Starter users are able to use the software for daily and weekly task management. Pro users are able to use it as a business management system that let’s them collaborate with their colleagues. Enterprise users can use Taskworld to keep track of large-scale projects that span across departments, offices and even continents. Taskworld as an online collaboration platform offers managers the ability to operate at the highest level of efficiency and with great effectiveness. It is a productivity tool that simplifies the work of a modern manager.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014