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Taveo is a URL click tracking and shortening service. We help site owners monitor and track ... More

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Published 2 Feb 2015

If you are currently running ads on your website or your app you might think that you have done the hard work and now's the time to reap the rewards. However, you might be paying for ads that don't have quite as much effect as they could do. Maybe you are running Twitter and Facebook campaigns as well as regular ads and are tracking the overall traffic that those campaigns attract. Fair enough, you might say, but what if the Twitter ads are generating twice as much interest as the other two? Taveo is a URL clicktracking and shortening service that helps you monitor and track incoming users as well as gathering statistics on the people that click on your links. It lets you create a separate URL for each ad location and analyze the stats - including geographical location, type of device and number of clicks etc - to give you a much better overview of where you are spending your ad money and how effective it is.
Analytic tools that show you how visitors get to your site are one of the boom industries online these days. Generally, when you Tweet, post to Facebook or advertise, the destination URL is always the same. However, Taveo uses a more effective method and sets up a separate URL every time you publish your page. It works like this. After creating your new product you would create three new Taveo links, then utilize one for Twitter, one for Facebook and...