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The only Canadian tax app that pushes you straight to a professional

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This revolutionary app is the only tax app in Canada that pushes your return directly with a tax ... More

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Published 27 Feb 2016

It's tax time again in Canada. Income tax returns for individuals are due in by April 30th with the self employed needing theirs to be filed by June 15th. Nobody likes paying them but taxes are what makes the world go around. There's no reason, however, not to be sure of getting all your deductions in correctly and minimizing the amount that you pay. Big businesses do it all the time so there's no need to feel guilty about it.

While many hire expensive tax professionals to paw their way through tax returns each year there's a simpler and less expensive way of doing it. TAXplan is a tax and accounting app for iOS that is only tax app that pushes your return directly to a fully qualified tax professional who's main aim is to process and file your return and maximize your refund. Its convenient and its fast and you will never miss a tax credit again.

TAXplan is simple to use. Start off by completing your tax profile using the app's easy-to-follow prompter to create your fully customized tax profile. There are explanations if you get stuck and a TAXpro is available to help using the chat feature if you have any problems or questions. The app will generate the relevant tax item checklist to use as a guide. Then all you have to do is to snap photos of all your documents - including the all important T4 - and upload everything into...