Developer description

Teachers, professors, trainers, or anyone who conducts a class of any kind can use TeachBack to get feedback from students on any class, the class they just taught, the latest week of classes, or for the entire semester. Free for download for both students and teachers at any level, TeachBack gathers student feedback about their educators' effectiveness through a variety of pre-made surveys. The app provides a simple user experience that produces this feedback in real-time.
When teachers and professors use TeachBack with their students, they can expect to gain insight that will allow them to improve their lectures, lessons, and classroom experience. If applied across a school or academic department, TeachBack provides a valuable measurement tool that helps assess and improve overall institutional effectiveness. The polls are all anonymous, and the results are secure and only available to the instructor. An online teacher guide to the use of TeachBack is available at the website.
Feedback and ideas for version 2.0 are welcome! There are four pre-written polls available. Instruction, Engagement, Instructor, and Hybrid (a combination of the other poll questions). In addition, comments are allowed on each poll as well. Language choices of English, Spanish and Chinese are on the registration page.

Last updated 24 Feb 2015

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