Developer description

Lingviny helps write email in another language. Whether it is an email to a friend, a relative, a business partner, or a customer - now you can be sure that your message is understood.
Your customers and business partners will appreciate not having to try and translate your emails to their own language, and it’s a small gesture that leads to long-term loyalty and more business.
Most Businesses today are international. If you have a business partner or you’re selling anything online, then there’s a good chance you have customers or partners who don’t share your native language.
Effective communication with them is just as important as the communication with the business partner or the customer who lives next door, and fortunately, Lingviny makes that happen easier than ever.
Install the Lingviny browser extension. The “Lingviny” button will appear next to “Translate” in your Gmail compose window. Type your email as usual and then press the “Lingviny” button to choose the language of translation. Your message will be immediately sent to one of our professional human translators available 24/7. After the translation is complete the email will go directly to your recipient(s). They will see an email from you but instead of the original message they will receive a professionally translated version.

Last updated 29 Jul 2016

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