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Test your sporting skills by mixing stocks and fantasy

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Trade Teams, Not players! TeamTrader is a new fantasy sports game where competitors build a ... More

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Published 11 Oct 2016

I'm sure you are well aware that fantasy sports games have gone through the roof over the last few years. In May 2015 a research company estimated that it was now a US$2 billion industry and experiencing a 10.7% annual growth with over 56.8 million people playing yearly in the US and Canada. In other's big! Naturally, certain elements have evolved over the years and the emergence of team trading rather than player trading has emerged as a popular spin off.

Team Trader is a new sports game for iOS and Android that lets you trade teams -rather than individual players - and has as many similarities to trading stocks and shares as it does to fantasy sports. Competitors can build a portfolio of shares in NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams and trade team shares just like you would with stocks in a live exchange. Each team has a price per share that fluctuates daily and traders can trade these shares as they choose. You make all the speculative decisions as to whether to hold onto your team's shares long term or they can be bought and sold on a daily basis. Teams will change in value over time as their performances improve or worsen and you will have to speculate on individual games as well as the whole season.

This version of fantasy sports is faster and easier to play than the usual 'draft-based' fantasy games because you are dealing more...