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Test your sporting skills by mixing stocks and fantasy

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Published 11 Oct 2016

[cont'd] with the effectiveness of a team rather than trying to meld together a team of individuals. You start out with ten grand in virtual cash and try to build on that as you put your sports knowledge to the test. You get to compete against other traders in order to trade your way all the way to the top of the leader board. There are both free and paid contests available with cash and prizes available for the most successful traders.

Contest results will be determined by the total portfolio value of each trader at the end of the competition and traders cannot invest more than $4000 on each individual team. Some teams may become ineligible for trading during games of significant consequence, such as playoff games. There is a one-off entry fee payable for each paid contest with the fee amount remaining unchanged for the duration of that contest.

Team Trader is much like a combination of fantasy sports and trading on the stocks and shares market. It's totally fun and very addictive and will appeal to both stock market aficionados and sports fans. The app itself is clear and easy to understand with the interface easy to navigate. It's available now to download on iPhone, iPad and Android but it's only available to Canada and USA contestants right now.