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Published 8 Sep 2016

A great t-shirt can say a lot about a person - without the need for them to even open their mouth. Whether it's a cool design, a favorite band or a statement to make - when you find it, you wanna flaunt it. But it's the finding of it that can be the hard part. There are so many t-shirts advertised for sale on Amazon, for instance, that it almost turns into a full time job searching through them all trying to find the one that inspires you. That's why Teepy was put together.

Teepy is a constantly changing fashion app for iOS that sorts and curates all the best t-shirts available for sale on Amazon and puts them into a much easier search mode. It collects all the coolest designs from hundreds of different brands and curates them under one roof to make finding the perfect tee a much easier, faster and more effective prospect. The best, most interesting and most unique t-shirts are hand picked by Teepy's experts from Amazon's massive catalogue and compiled into easy to view collections.

Timely tee collections are curated compilations that feature shirts in all styles. Collections change with each season and are updated frequently with new collections added each month based on relevancy, current trends, pop culture, international events, seasonal topics, national holidays or just in random themes. Alternatively, you can search and explore shirts based on your interests and find exactly what you are looking for based on...