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The answers to life’s big questions are as close as your smartphone

Have you ever thought about just how many questions you ask yourself every day?

From simply deciding what breakfast you’ll eat or what clothes you’ll wear, to high-powered boardroom decisions and in-depth internal analysis of your personal relationships – there are all kinds of questions running through your head almost every minute.

For 10 years, intuitive specialist K Taylor has been helping people unlock the answers to their most impassioned questions. With clients all over the world all wanting K’s advice, she decided to provide a simple and easily accessible tool to aid that sometimes difficult decision-making process.

Her new Tell Me Now™ smartphone app is as close as your mobile phone. Users simply sit quietly, focus on their question and then start the Tell Me Now™ app (users must seek a yes/no answer, rather than ask an open-ended question). The answer to that question will present once the user hits the ‘Stop’ button. It’s that easy. A short additional message from K helps explain the user’s answer to them.

“I know there will be people who use the app to help them make important decisions and others who will simply use it to have some fun, but that’s what’s great about it – the app suits all types of users,” K explains. “It’s helping people tap into that most important gift we all possess and should embrace – our intuition.”

While K acknowledges her clairvoyant gift dates back to when she was a child, it’s been in the past decade as a working intuitive specialist that she has seen her fair share of questions.

According to K, the Top 5 questions women ask a clairvoyant are:

Does he love me?
Will I get the job?
Will I ever get rid of my adult children?
Can I win the lottery?
Does he know I’m cheating on him?
For the men, the Top 5 most commonly asked questions are:

Is she cheating on me?
Can I have the sex I want?
Is the boss going to sack me?
Is the baby really mine?
Can I move my money and she won’t find out?
And of course, in the privacy of an intuitive consultation, K says the questions can get quite curly. Among the weirdest questions asked of K by women have been:

Will my mother know I didn’t spend a lot of money on her funeral?
Does my dead husband know I’m dating his best friend?
Does my boss know I fantasise about him?
Curly questions from the men include:

Will she know I wear her clothes when I go out?
Will my mistress spend more money than my wife does?
I still have sex with my ex-wife – will my new wife mind?
The Tell Me Now™ app is available for iPhone and android smartphones from the App Store for just $4.99. A short video about the app can be found here.

Last updated 17 Aug 2015

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