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Genre: Game (arcade/ educational) The game starts with an empty red box, random numbers from 1 ... More

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Published 10 Mar 2012

Here at Feedmyapp we try to focus on the groundbreaking or earth shattering apps to review, but just occasionally we have pass across our desk an app that, whilst qualifying for neither of the above accolades, does stand out for what it is...and in this case it is a very simple game. Ten Tension was published on Feedmyapp a few weeks ago, but didn't make it to the review slots. However, as I am STILL playing it now, I thought I might spread the word :-)

The concept is simple...a number between 0 and 9 will appear and you have to press the corresponding number that adds (with the first number) to 10. So if it is a 7 you press 3 etc. So far so simple. But, as you may have guessed, things speed up and you start getting a queue of numbers to deal with and new ones are appearing thick and fast...let the queue get too long and it is game over. It doesn't sound all that spectacular, but by golly it drags you back for another go! Whether it is to beat your friend, partner, spouse, Mom, Dad or to climb up the global scoreboard. As each game takes only a minute or two it is something that you can turn to whenever the fancy takes you...on the bus, in the car (not whilst driving of course) or even on the loo! It is great for kids and a fun thing...