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If you keep newsletters in your inbox or dog-ear newspaper pages when you come across awesome ... More

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Published 3 Oct 2011

I've lost count of the number of concert tickets I've missed out on because I've put the email or newsletter with its details in my "I'll deal with that later." That basically means my 'keep' box in my email or on top of that big pile of papers on my desk. Tentative.ly is a bookmarking email event alert tool that installs a designated bookmarklet (I love that word) and you can start adding events to your list from your favorite sites straight away.
The way we go to events has changed dramatically these days. In the past it was easy to just turn up to an event, pay your money and walk straight in. Demand for tickets to events has gone to a different level nowadays and quite often it will be necessary to apply fr tickets six months before the event and, quite often, unless you buy them on the day you could well miss out. So it s very important in your social life to keep a listing of events you are interested in so you can keep up with tickets you need to buy or events you want to go to. Just enter the details of the event as you find out about them and Tentative.ly automatically sorts start & end dates and then each week it aggregates your upcoming events into one newsletter so you can decide which ones to check out. If an event is too far from your foreseeable calendar, you're not sure whether you can make it, or if something better might land on your lap, just bookmark it. When the time is right, we'll nudge and you can decide later.

Yes well Tentative.ly is perfect for a person like me. If you can admit it, I'm sure you have the same problems as me. You can't tell me you haven't missed an art show or been disappointed that you missed out on tickets for an event because you aren't organized enough. I love getting a weekly newsletter through my social networking site or email giving a complete listing of all the things I should be paying attention to. These days I list everything I'm vaguely interested in and I can choose what I'm up to later. Once youve completed your free sign up It's simple to just list the event, date and address and Tentative.ly will do the rest. Now if I can just convince Prince to tour again...

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