Developer description

When somebody says “classic” while talking about games, it’s hard not to think of bricks and balls. Here’s game what will make you experience past in 3D. Terapong is, in appearance, a nice representation of the most traditional, simplest version of this concept. You control camera, and your job is to gain points while breaking colorful bricks in the space, before you run out of time. This is first game made by Latvian Indie developer. Released in February 2015, available today in Google play. It’s simple but captivating game to help gamers relax and enjoy themselves in spare time. ““Anyone who remembers 90’s brickout games on Gameboy, Sega or Brick Game consoles, will be taken aback by this new 3D version. It’s simple yet exiting, as you gain points clearing level by level. Therefor gaining access to new shapes to demolish.”
Terapong allows you to choose difficulty if thee colors is too easy to clear. It provides up to five colors in shapes. Besides different color cubes, these shapes contains special bricks, which will help you clear the levels faster. As well as you start the game you will be allocated with three power-ups (two for each). Making it piece of cake to clear level if you are running out of time. Power-ups player can buy for collected points. This game offers whole new world of classic we used to love. Giving pleasant leisure for the player.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015