Developer description

If you are a marketer, it's very important for you to know where the visitors to your or your client's website are coming from. You want to know call-to-action words are bringing them to your website. Such testing is possible if you add UTM parameters to your URLs.


When a lot of people visit your website using this link, you know your "summer_sale" campaign is doing well. If you have a lot of such URLs, it becomes difficult to remember all the UTM tags, where they were used, was it "Twitter" or "twitter", etc. Using a spreadsheet might be a temporary solution, but it can get out of control pretty quickly.

Terminus helps marketers build and manage UTM tracking URLs for their marketing campaigns. Most people currently use either Google URL builder or spreadsheets to build such URLs. Terminus is a web app that is designed to replace these. It's built from the ground up to encourage consistency in using UTM parameters. As a result, analytics reports are accurate and give better insights without any frustration.

Some of the features include:
* Easy to use URL builder that is optimized for speed
* Presets to remember past campaign settings
* Bulk tagging of URLs
* Ability to group URLs in projects
* Collaborate with your team while enforcing consistency
* Automatic shortening of URLs
* Automatic click tracking of shortened URLs

And it works with most analytics tools, e.g. Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.

Terminus is best suited for agile marketing teams inside a company and marketing agencies. It will help the entire marketing team be very consistent and you will have much better time analyzing your traffic reports.

Last updated 10 Mar 2014