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Tesdor creates near instant, on demand focus groups to test your website. You gain valuable, ... More

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Published 29 Feb 2012

So, you've designed your website and are ready to go live and you think that its looking pretty good - but how do you know if it's what your viewers want? If it were a movie it would be put in front of various focus groups to get feedback on whether it looks and works well. Tesdor takes the place of the focus group by offering any number of tests on your website to give you the amount of feedback that you think you need.
Tesdor is a safe and secure web design research and review application that's used by thousands of businesses around the world. It creates near instant, on demand focus groups to test your website giving you valuable, actionable and cheap feedback that is immediately of use to companies both large and small. It's a sad truth that 99% of websites are not really tested in any meaningful way before being launched. Sites tend to be designed how the client or developer 'thinks' the user wants them and this is not a very good way to develop a site for the web. Maybe your tagline doesn't represent well enough what your business is about or maybe it's a bit complicated for the one glancers.  With Tesdor you can scale your User Feedback Reports from small to med to large scale (meaning 100+ users) depending on what you want feedback on specifically. It's Free to get started, so why not try it today?
You might well find that the difference between a popular website and a successful one can be found in one line. Change the wording and your traffic could improve by 50%. Why wait to find that out from your customers when you could pre-test it with Tesdor. You know what they say...first impressions are lasting impressions (they being the fine 70's soul band The Impressions, funnily enough.) The bottom line here though is Tesdor delivers thorough user feedback reports on the look and feel of your website before anyone else does. It makes sense to try it out before you go live. And, let's face it, it's all about conversion rates, isn't it?

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