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Published 17 Sep 2011

Feedback! It's the thing that all companies crave but one of the toughest things to gather. Have you tried asking someone for their email address lately? Testimonial Monkey is a business feedback tool that does a lot of the hard work for you and can help to turn your website browser into a haven of customers willing to pay. Their customer feedback surveys are conducted with professionalism and only take a few minutes to complete. This encouragies excellent compliance and a fast turnaround in results and data for you.
Testimonial Monkey is fast and simple to use and enables them to use their business experience to poll your existing clients for positive feedback which is then used to update your website immediately. They also update your social networking sites and send you details of all updates. This, in turn, can stimulate new business. The service they offer can be either hosted or integrated depending on the amount of spare time you have. Testimonial Monkey is secure to ensure the safe keeping of your data. They offer plans with 128 bit SSL encryption so you can both request and receive testimonial submissions via a secure transfer protocol. If you wish, all the data you collect can be exported to Excel or CSV so you can take your data offline and with you wherever you have an Internet connection.

Well they 've certainly tapped into a niche market with this one. The thing is, the speed you get information...