Developer description

Everyone hates bugs! That’s why TestObject was created - a tool to easily test the functionality of mobile apps. It’s dedicated to all mobile app developers and publishers to find problems in apps before their users do. App quality has a major impact on apps’ success.
Almost half of all users who face a big issue with an app will never use it again. Worse, they’ll give poor ratings in the app stores, which will further discourage other users from downloading the app. To make sure that people get the app and use it too,In this contest quality assurance is super important, but often a pain in the neck. Massive fragmentation of operating systems and mobile devices makes it hard for developers to test and guarantee the functionality of apps under different conditions.
TestObject provides an innovative cloud platform with numerous real and virtual devices, accessible directly from everyone´s browser. Developers can upload their apps onto the devices offered by TestObject and see if they work as they should. Along with the devices the company provides several testing tools to check the app functionality from all angles.
Hundreds of thousands of tests have been performed since the TestObject´s platform have launched in August 2013. TestObject is making the mobile world a bug-free place, one test at a time.

Last updated 13 Jul 2014

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