Developer description

After witnessing a friend hesitantly give her cell phone number to a random man who approached them in line at a Steak and Shake near the WUSTL campus, Text Reject co-founders Andrew Hess and Philip I. Thomas knew that there had to be an easier way to handle unwanted suitors. They set out planning, and one week later launched with phone numbers active in five US cities.

When prompted for a phone number by a suitor, a Text Reject number is provided instead. The suitor, unaware that the number is from Text Reject, sends a first text message. The system then waits five minutes before sending a response in order to give the user time to flee.

The first response by Text Reject is camouflaged as a response from the intended recipient, sending a casual or provocative message intended to elicit a funny response. After the suitor responds, they are immediately sent a notice that has been used to reject them. The full conversation is then published on

Try Text Reject now by texting (917) 746-0810

Last updated 6 Aug 2015