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This text editing tool will be a big time saver for researchers

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Published 4 Aug 2013

[cont'd] web browser device or PC. Additional features include real time line, word or character count, a display of top 10 most used words as well as an undo or redo function. TextEVO provides a number of text box modes ranging from full to minimum screen text editing. TextEVO is integrated with Flickr and automatically changes the background image every 30 seconds or so to reflect the content in your text! If you like TextEVO, check out its sister site SnapEVO as well - http://snapevo.com - to view the most awesome fresh photos on the web.
While we've seen a heck of a lot of these types of applications over the years, TextEVO seems to be one of the better ones with something to offer that many of the others don't. The fact that you can just type or past the URL of the webpage that you want to edit into the system and edit it right away is a dream to the likes of researchers. Add this to the fact that you can edit any number of pages and manipulate your text so that it looks great on the page and you'll realize that TextEVO is one of those 'must-have' apps that you wish had come as standard issue with your computer in the first place.