Developer description

TextEVO is a free online text editing and manipulation tool which allows quick alterations across thousands of text lines which would otherwise take a fair bit of time to do by hand. Featuring a clean easy to use interface, text modding (or modification) actions available on TextEVO are executed via a couple of mouse clicks and applied across entire pages of text. These actions include "remove all blank/duplicate lines", "consolidate/remove excess white space", "insert text before every # word", "append line numbers", "sort lines alphabetically", etc, etc. Starting with any text file or website extract, the user clicks on various text modding actions available. These actions are categorized under REMOVE, REPLACE, INSERT or SORT text. The selected action(s) is performed instantaneously across thousands of lines of text. This tool is fully web based and does not require any software to be installed on the user's PC or mobile device. The tool respects the user's need for data privacy and does not record or upload any text information entered off to any Internet server. All processing is done locally on the user's web browser and PC. Additional features include real time line/word/character count, a undo/redo function and toggling of word wrap. TextEVO brings the power of text manipulation which used to in the domain of programmers and shell command line scripting to the masses!

Last updated 17 Apr 2013