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Developer description

Textkraft Professional is a professional text editor for the Apple iPad with built-in dictionaries for 16 languages. The extensive import and export features, easy and precise cursor navigation, selection guides, text styles, keyboard extensions and built-in dictionaries with synonyms are making the app one-of-a-kind.

Highlights of the new update are a search and replace toolbar, a document overview function, a comparison tool, native support of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, a reading text aloud function, as well as a novel "Extended Forward Delete" function, that was developed in collaboration with professional translators.

This is what the press is saying about it:
- "Textkraft is the best text environment I’ve discovered yet"- technologytell.com
- "The de facto intelligent text processor" - top rating at theiPadtop.com
- "German precision for your writing needs" - appfreakblog.com
- "Textkraft is truly a stellar accomplishment" - top rating at TheiPhoneAppReview.com
- "For years, regular updates and prompt support" - echoboxx

Last updated 1 Apr 2015

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