Developer description

Have you ever written something and then wanted to broadcast it to everyone around? With the Textscape App, you can write what you what people to see and then have your words scroll on a nearby TV.

The Textscape App hooks your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch up to an external display, allowing you to publicly communicate all kinds of messages, such as:

-Daily specials in shops
-A scoreboard for sports
-Announcements at public events
-Thank you lists at weddings
-This week's Bible verse in church
-And many, many more!

Here's how to get started:
1) Buy an A/V or HD connector for your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for $30 - $60 (HD for best results)
2) Download TextScape by Gremlin Software for FREE
3) Connect your device to a TV and display spectacular scrolling messages in your shop / small business!

Enjoy Textscape's SECOND release from Gremlin Software, New Plymouth, New Zealand!

4th generation iPhone / iPod touch required for external display capabilities.

Last updated 24 Nov 2012