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TextUp: Fun social text messaging app with unilimited storage for life

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Product from Red Herring Asia 2011 Winner platform company Mobiprimo Technologies.

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Published 23 Oct 2011

TextUp is a Facebook and SMS tool for the Android that will give you a whole heap of extras for your mobile. It’s a fast & fun social text messaging application with unlimited message backup that let's you share your mobile messages on your favorite social network, view your conversations in context, search for specific messages as well as being able to view trending texts from all around the world.
TextUp is the product of the Red Herring Asian 2011  winning platform company Mobiprimo Technologies. It provides the user with a whole batch of mobile tools for your Android including free unlimited text messages backup and the ability to view & share messages from your mobile phone directly to your favourite social network. With TextUp conversations you will always see message in the context of the person you are conversing with as well as your earlier discussions and you can easily search  within Textup to find  exact messages. The Global message pool keeps you in touch with whats going on around the world by finding hot & trending texts. Your messages are kept safe and secure with the same technology banks use.

TextUp delivers an array of mobile tools specifically for the Android that will make your mobile use even more secure and easy to navigate. It's a clever tool that delivers backups of your messages as well as the ability to find any message in an instant. This attractive and easy to use application also let's you know of breaking news and texting trends from all around the world. But TextUp's crowning glory is it's ability to put individual conversations into context and with previous communication visible too. While TextUp is hardly an essential tool to own it certainly does a fine job of organizing your messages into something easier to comprehend.

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