Developer description

Eighteen years in the field of hair transplants, follicular unit transplant, FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant for sex reassignment follicular grafts, mini- and micro-grafts. Specializes in high contrast hair, black hair, and dark hair for both males and females, including refill, frontal hair, crown, occipital hair, reconstruction of hair line, widow's peak, side burn, beard, mustache, pubic hair, chest hair, abdominal hair, axillary hair and accentuation of the eye brow.
Surgery is done under a needle-less jet of local anesthesia; a painless-natural hair transplant. HHH hair transplant center is located in the center of Bangkok Thailand very close to nearby beaches, mountains, temples, and the deep sea. After your hair transplant, you can enjoy these many attractions!

NATURAL Hair Transplant is a modern Medical Biotechnology of growing hair by transferring the hair follicle (hairbud, hair root, hair stem cells) from the permanent part of the scalp (donor site) to any bald part (recipient site). The hair follicle will rest for 3-6 months then start to grow as new hair.

Last updated 28 Aug 2012